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What to do if you have an incident

In the event of an incident that may be covered under a Liberty Crisis Solutions Policy the following notice protocols must be followed. Whether or not one of our consultants, or the Crisis Centre Hotline has been contacted, you should contact one of the Liberty representatives to report the incident (see Contacts to the right).

Reporting the incident to Liberty’s representatives is in accordance with the terms of the notice requirements in Clause 6.2 of this Policy.

What is the Crisis Centre Hotline?

Liberty offers clients expert Crisis Management consulting services on a 24/7 basis.

The WorldAware Crisis Centre Hotline is staffed by multilingual personnel covering most major languages, and is available globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to advise, assist and respond to emergency situations involving Liberty Contaminated Products Insurance policy holders.

General Crisis Centre: +44 203 291 2302
Singapore: +65 315 87636

When can I call the Crisis Centre Hotline?

You can call the Crisis Centre Hotline if an  incident, situation or occurrence that may be covered under the policy is first discovered and reported during the Policy Period or within 90 days after the Policy Period.

Who pays?

Liberty will pay the crisis consultant/s reasonable and necessary fees and expenses when they respond to an incident notified by the Insured which may reasonably be thought to give rise to an Insured Event under the Policy.

Even if liability to indemnify is not accepted by Liberty, the reasonable and necessary fees and expenses incurred prior to Liberty’s notification to the Insured, will be borne by Liberty.

If, Liberty concludes that the incident, situation or occurrence would be covered under the Policy but that the Loss suffered is less than the Insured’s Self Insured Retention, Liberty agrees to pay the Consultant and Advisor Costs, provided those costs are a reasonable and necessary response to the incident.

What should I expect when I ring the Crisis Centre Hotline?

During your first telephone contact with the Crisis Centre Hotline, you will be asked some brief questions regarding the key details of the crisis.

After getting this preliminary information, you will be asked for a phone number where you can be reached during the next hour.

A deployment decision will be based on the nature and geographical location of the incident.

Within the first hour after initial contact, a consultant will return your call to discuss the deployment decision and to determine an appropriate course of action. The consultant will work with you to develop a strategy for dealing with the early stages of the potential crisis. 

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