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Exploration & Production

Our substantial risk appetite, generous global capacity and exceptional staff with local experience and authority give us the edge in finding solutions to complex insurance risks. 

In-house oil and gas engineers

Our global team of risk engineers has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector.

Global reach

Based in London, Houston and Singapore, Liberty E&P underwriters are close to key clients and major operations.

Significant capacity

Liberty has a capacity of US$85m for all interests on any single platform or complex structure.

The fine balance of global demand and supply in the oil and gas industry has grave implications for the impact of accidents and other causes of delays and shutdowns. Without adequate insurance, companies are vulnerable to potentially crippling costs.

Liberty fronts a highly technical global team that is skilled in handling even the most intricate risks. Our underwriters work hand-in-glove with our heavy-weight engineers to prepare sophisticated insurance solutions that reflect the complexity of E&P risks - and give clients simple peace of mind.

Stand-alone upstream E&P liability cover in the Asia Pacific region is handled by specialist staff in Liberty Adelaide; all our other E&P insurance is coordinated through Liberty Singapore.

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