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Credit and Political Risk

Credit insurance

Liberty’s Credit insurance offering is designed to help protect our clients against the risk of default by their customers under their sales contracts. Our coverage is focused on specific transactions and can protect both domestic and export contracts. 

For banks, we can provide a wide range of Credit insurance solutions for their financing activities. Whether they are financing trade transactions or other corporate lending, we have an insurance product to suit.

At a glance:

  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • US$50 m capacity
  • Trade credit <7 years
  • Commercial (non-trade) credit <7 years.
Political Risk insurance

Liberty’s Political Risk insurance products help protect our clients against the risks of investing in, or trading with, emerging markets worldwide. We can help protect a client’s equity investment or mobile equipment against risks such as confiscation or political violence, or we can focus coverage on our client’s contracts with government entities overseas, and protect them against the risk of default.

We also work with the banks that finance these types of investments and contracts to help protect their loans against the additional risks that are often associated with lending into emerging markets. 

At a glance:

  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • US$50 m capacity
  • Political risk <15 years
  • Covers political risk for both fixed and mobile assets
  • Covers contracts with sovereign and sub-sovereign entities.
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