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Our substantial risk appetite, generous global capacity and exceptional staff with local experience and authority give us the edge in finding solutions to complex insurance risks. 

Our experience delivers

We throw our experience behind protecting you from marine risk exposures, but when things go wrong, you have the security of our financial backing.

Balanced coverage

We cover all bases by writing the smaller, simpler marine risks as well as the complex, hard-to-place risks.

Integrated approach

Our Marine underwriters, risk engineers and claims professionals work as a unit to achieve competitive pricing, risk management and smooth claims resolution.

Today’s marine risks are complex and challenging, and the Liberty Marine team has the skills to proactively determine these risks and assure clients of appropriate insurance coverage.

Our underwriters boast longstanding marine connections, which gives them the confidence to underwrite hard-to-place risks, as well as standard exposures; our risk engineers’ technical excellence is highly regarded in Asia Pacific; and the claims team includes staff with marine surveyor qualifications.

Relationships matter to Liberty Marine: our claims people meet clients upfront, with the underwriters, not just after a claim, meaning that trust and peace of mind are part of the deal from the outset.

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