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Mission statement

Our Mission

As part of the global Liberty Mutual Group, Liberty shares a century-old mission based on helping people live safer, more secure lives.

Our Values

We behave with integrity.  People and companies build their lives and businesses on our promises and they trust us to keep those promises.

Dignity and Respect
We treat our customers, business partners and each other with dignity and respect and seek to build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Superior Products and Services
We aspire to provide consistently superior products and services at prices that are fair to our customers and allow us a reasonable profit.

Our Culture

We aim to create a culture where our staff can learn and grow professionally and personally.

Tom Vu

Tom Vu

Workers' Compensation Manager, Singapore

I like the transparency, and the way everyone is treated with respect. People trust you to take up the challenges; they let you prove yourself.


Marie Yang

Marie Yang

Commercial D&O and Financial Institutions Manager, Professional & Financial Risks

I moved from Malaysia to join Liberty Singapore in 2008. It is a great environment: you get to know everyone personally, and there is a collaborative and inclusive culture.

Ann Dang

Ann Dang

Vice President, Professional & Financial Risks - Asia

I’m still with Liberty 12 years on because of the people, the inclusive and supportive culture, and the chance to learn and stay ahead of the curve.

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